Rob Sheffield - Love Is A Mixtape

Renee didn't just sit back and wait for adventures to happen. She covered ground and took me with her. Renee drove me out to Danville to ding a reclusive old fifties rockabilly singer she worshipped, Janis Martin. Janis invited us in for coffee and told us stories about Patsy Cline and Ruth Brown and Elvis Elvis Elvis while her prize greyhounds bit my ankles. 
Janis Marin nodded in my direction and told Renee, "He don't say much, do he? But he's got a sweet smile. I  think he likes me."
Renee nodded and smiled. "Oh, he likes you."
Janis said, "He's thinking, hell she's old but she's fine. The tits ain't bad."
Renee said, "Definitely the tits".

page 75, Three Rivers Press edition, 2007

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