Minimal Man - The Shroud

Minimal Man was an American industrial and experimental rock project, formed in 1979 in San Francisco, California. The group was founded and led by Patrick Miller, a visual and sound artist who moved to San Francisco in the late 1970s. The band often changed members featuring at different times members of bands such as Tuxedomoon, Factrix and others active in the then thriving San Francisco experimental post punk and industrial scenes. Their cover of "The Shroud Of" featured one of Miller's signature mask/head paintings.


Sløtface - Sponge State

all my friends are making names for themselves


White Wishes - Hold Your Hand

If you don't want to hold my hand I will hold yours I will hold yours I'll bring you to the place it was behind those steady wooden doors The place where skies are always blue the sunset rise better walk into  We’ll take out shades and broken arms sit on the bench and watch the city You’ve found the key and you’ve found the door, but I don’t want to anymore It took too long to realize there’s been no future in your eyes The time has come to make it clear I’m sorry if I made you cry I say it to you in a bitter fear It’s either us or last goodbye


Janko Nilovic - Drug Song

dude ridin that bass like a sheikh on a camel


Hiroshi Suzuki - Romance

from the "Cat" LP, Columbia Japan, 1975.


DIIV - Nude as the News

the Cat Power song performed live @ SiriusXM


The Free Design - Little Cowboy

From the LP "Sing for Very Important People"