Tei Shi - Bassically

Baby, I'll behave
If you let me stay.
Please don't say
That I'm begging you for love.


Shigeto - Live at 2015's Movement Electronic Music Festival

Immerse yourself in Shigeto's enthralling live set from 2015's Movement Electronic Music Festival, as Eropium brings you into the fold, capturing every second. Shigeto's dizzying performance, on the cusp of an hour, features the Ghostly International stalwart masterfully delivering cuts from his latest EP, "Intermission," and "No Better Time Than Now," both available now.

The Dead Rat Orchestra - The Geshin and the Guga


Naked Funk feat. Valerie Etienne - The Fan

Album: Evolution Ending Label: Pussyfoot Records Ltd ‎-- PUSSY CD LP 010 Released: 06 Jul 1998


The Pastels - Crawl Babies

I wanna build her up
Up as tall as a church
Just to watch her
Just to watch her falling down