The Triffids @ Gagarin, 23.04.2010 (live report)

Despite being announced, (Un?)fortunately no seats were placed in front of the scene of Gagarin. The Jaywalkers were the first to step on stage at 21:10, they played for 35 minutes and during this time people were still arriving at the venue. They were followed by Yeah! at 22:00 who were far more energetic, partly due to some songs they covered [over the edge (wipers), policy of truth (depeche mode), thedays of wine and roses (dream syndicate)] during their 40-minutes set.
The Icelandic volcano ashes had a small impact and some changes were necessary but nearly all guests arrived in Athens. At 23:00, the on-stage-barman of the Triffids show did an introduction before the band started playing and was responsible for most of the presentations in between the songs of David McComb but his interaction with the audience did not work out very well. Some time passed for the band to reach its first peak but the 2 hour and 50 minutes set very likely satisfied most attendees. The voices of Rob Snarski and Melanie Oxley were certainly among the highlights of the night, along with the
performances of "Red Pony" and "Lonely Stretch", the latter sung by Stef Kamil Carlens. Also, J. P. Shilo of The Blackeyed Susans had his distinctive style and the voice of Jil Birt remains almost the same.
partial setlist: Red Pony, Place in the Sun, Hell of a Summer, Lonely Stretch, Wide Open Road, Life of Crime, Personal Things, Tender Is the Night (The Long Fidelity), In the Pines, One Soul Less In Your Fiery List, Bury Me Deep in Love, Trick of the Light, Hometown Farewell Kiss, Save What You Can, Too Hot To Move Too Hot To Think, Goodbye Little Boy, Embedded, Raining Pleasure, Bright Lights Big City, Beautiful Waste, I Want To
Conquer You
Kostas Sfinarolis

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