Tim Paris feat. Forrest - Backseat Reflexion

Hold my bible down tonight One last stop till I hit the ground I'm not pleased but Ill be fine I could go till late tonight Aim now for the rest Aim now no one's looking ahead Prepared to be prepared Search now no ones looking ahead Lock it down, and Ill be up Im not really one to say no And it's the strangest place in here I liked the way it made me feel I used to go outside but I didn't know why I used to walk all day never really knew why And it's the same place But it's the same place Maybe, I guess you understand now How dark it came to be I really would've liked for you to see But it's a long long long long way down And it's a long long long long way down In the backseat driven by my oldest nightmares Did you leave them in the back of your mind

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