YOUNG GALAXY - Factory Flaws

this sounds so 80s i can feel myself being born again
You told me you were broken from the start You used your hand to put mine to your heart And said "I can't feel this, I'm not sure I exist" You spoke of all the trouble in your town Too prevalent for you to step around Forcing you to bury A burden too heavy You warned me of the potential cost Of losing myself to those who are lost I said "it's much better To be lost together And devote ourselves to a dream And never fall Into routine To keep our lines open And live with what's broken" I know you're in pieces You know I'm at sea But something about you keeps calling to me I know all your secrets You know all of mine The past is the past And it's better Left behind Your crooked paws Your factory factory flaws Your highs Your lows I love it all more than you know 

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