Interview: The Brian Jonestown Massacre

What took you so long to come to Greece?
Good question,we are an odd band and we never pushed by people with money,and that alone takes bands to places they would not otherwise be playing. It puts them in front of people's faces on tv and in magazines and on radio.we are just people that make music and because we are our own label,we pay for everything ourselves or it has to pay for itself,therefore we have to be invited by a promoter to come and play because the big bus and rent and petrol bills are not paid by the hopes and dreams and good vibes of the people…or.we just suck.

Your band's line-up has changed a lot over the years. Would you say that its latest phase, together with the last album - 'revelation' - is the best one?
let me make this clear - chuck berry never had a backing band since day one. i just make music and play with my friends and sometimes with people i don't even like. most of the people i play with now i've played with for a very long time. ricky,matt and i started the group, my drummer and base player now have been playing 14 years? joel came in after 2 or 3 years of the group rob about 12 or 13 years ago, frankie 14 years.i just record with whoever i feel like it because i create ideas not drama.

You started working on the soundtrack of the movie Moon Dogs. How has that experience been for you?
well i start that after this tour, it is my goal to work with film makers in europe to make interesting film projects even better, to work with some great artists and ignore hollywood.

What was the need for creating A-records since you have already been involved in The Committee to Keep Music Evil?
because i actually run a real label with worldwide distribution that employs people and pays taxes in several nations, records and releases other bands and can pay for tour buses. In short we actually have a real label.

In a fb post, A-records says: "BJM Reviewed in Mojo 3 out of 5. there was a time mojo never reviewed any bjm but think how much kasabian's label have paid to get the 3 star review ha ha". Would you like to comment on this post?
fuck Facebook and fuck mojo - i don't need to know anything else about the beatles ever, i know every christmas there will be a new feature and a new beatles release. don't need to pay for a magazine to know that.

Would you say a bit more about what the Dead-TV project is and what's your involvement in it?
i am interested in mixed media,it was my hope i could teach some other people to do their own shows and i few have learned,its fun to do sometimes,by i have a small son so my time needs to be used wisely.

You work and live in Berlin with your family. How is the life of a studio owner who lives in Berlin with his family?

it's normal, i'm living the dream…i'm at that point where i need to figure out what i can do and go for it, because i can do anything, i just don't know what that means…what are the limits, i need to set goals and make them happen, think of places and book tickets…whatever.

We see you also use twitter a lot, what do you think about social media in general and twitter in particular?
its helpful for me to be open to everyone…i know people everywhere.

You commented on Bobby Womack's recent death via twitter. What are your thoughts of him and do you have a favorite Bobby Womack song?
i comment on all the legends i like as they pass…he was cool, people loved him.

So, we read in a recent interview that you have quit drugs and alcohol. That's awesome news! Now that you're clean, how much different is it for you to do an 8-week tour with daily gigs?
its going great, being drunk is a social lubricant but i am strong, i can face the world and most people's idea of partying is rubbish anyway.

Are interviews just a necessary burden, or are you also getting something out of them?
not really, but i don't mind being honest.

Thank you for your time!
take care and see you soon!

Kostas Sfinarolis

The Brian Jonestown Massacre will perform for the first time in Greece this July 14th @ Fuzz Club.

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