Interview: Faith SFX

You are obviously very good at what you do. Who do you see and who do you follow in order to become better? 
My Mum Is the best beatboxer I've ever heard.
How do you train to keep in such good form? 
Jet Li, Tony Jaa and Donnie Yen are like my best mates.

Is there something you can't do as a beatboxer?
I can't do the sound of a man with a dry foot putting on his slippers…sadly.

What are the main differences between the US and the European beatboxing scene (if any)? 
I think more people make a living off beatboxing In Europe than they do In the states. I could be wrong though…
What was the first thing that came to your mind when you heard you'll be performing in Greece? 
I said "wicked, I hope its hot!"
Is there anything special that you might add to your show for the Greek fans?
I might beatbox, sing, play a trumpet with my voice and eat Feta cheese all at the saaaaaaaaaaame time! 

Name one thing in life that isn't negotiable. 
Watching Breaking Bad

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