Interview: Allah Las

Is it true that you met while working at Amoeba? Any good/funny stories about
vinyl freaks?

Yeah I met Matt and Spencer while working at Amoeba, and they had known Miles from school. It's hard to think of one particular story but there were definitely regular characters that shopped at the store. Some of them included "No Face", "Headphone Jesus" and "The Purple Lady".

Did you expect the success of your debut album?
We knew some people would like it but we never thought we'd make it to Greece,  so that's a pleasant surprise for sure

Your music is upbeat, but the lyrics not so much. Was this intentional? What
was the process of creating the songs?

Not really intentional, our music for the most part comes together through building on a riff or motif that everyone is into. Also, we were all going through break ups when the record was being made so that made its way into the lyrics.

What is the nicest thing anyone has told you about your music?
That it influenced their music

What is your connection to http://reverberationradio.com ?
Reverberation Radio is a weekly podcast of mixes that we and a close group of friends take turns making. Each mix is about 30 minutes long and features music new and old that we're into

You've been touring with the Black Angels this month. How has that been?
The tour is over now but it was great. We got to play for pretty good crowds each night which was a definite upside. A great band from Montreal called Elephant Stone was also a part of the tour and we really enjoyed their music too

Name 5 things about Greece that come to your mind.
Olive Oil

Name one thing that people might not know about the band?Spencer and Miles have known each other since kindergarten

Name one thing in life that isn't negotiable.

The Allah Las will tour Greece for the first time: 29/5 Patra, Lithografion - 31/05 - Athens, Fuzz Club, 01/06 Thesaloniki, Mylos 

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