Kindness - "Still Smokin'" 36 hours in the Go-Go Scene

"Still Smokin'" 36 hours in the Go-Go Scene - a documentary by Pauline Beaudemont and Adam Bainbridge.

Kindness recently released That's Alright, the final single to be taken from his debut album 'World, You Need A Change of Mind'. That's Alright is built almost entirely around samples from the song 'Still Smokin' by Trouble Funk, a go-go band from Washington DC, who have existed in one form or another since 1978. When Adam approached the band with a request to go out to Washington and perform the new version of their song, he was welcomed with open arms, and a generosity that would mark his time with Trouble Funk.

While on his trip to DC, Bainbridge and Beaudemont set about filming a short documentary about the meeting between himself, the band and the collision of these two different worlds, where go-go is now and where it could be going. Between them, founding Trouble Funk members Big Tony and Tee Bone have nearly 70 years worth of playing time in this band alone - in a culture of disposable singles and downloads it's almost unthinkable to see artists and musicians of such longevity and continuing relevance. This short film is a brief, outsider's view into go-go and the DC scene, its importance as a genre and its influence on contemporary music culture... and the overwhelming position of confronting those that inspire you so closely and playing their own song back to them.

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