Interview: Electric Litany about their Kickstarter campaign with Alan Parsons

Electric Litany are going to record their new album with world-famous producer Alan Parsons! In order for this to come true, they are running their own Kickstarter campaign to raise the amount needed. Find out more about the campaign and support them here

Here's a small Q&A with the band about this project.

Alan Parsons, wow! How did this happen? How did you manage to get Alan Parsons onboard for your album?
We were at the stage of planning the recording for the second album. Alex (Miaris) sent Alan Parsons an email on the off chance that he would be interested in working with us. He listened to the debut album and said he really enjoyed it and he wanted to work with us.

What will the album sound like? How different do you plan it to be from your acclaimed debut?
We don't know yet. This is perhaps the most exciting thing about the recording process. We have ideas for songs but of course once you begin production an idea can change dramatically.

What are your expectations of working with Alan? He is known for changing the sound of various huge artists.
We are hoping he will offer his guidance and creative vision. He has wealth of studio experience that we believe the album will benefit from.The ultimate objective is to produce an album that is totally unique and engaging and we trust Alan Parsons to help us achieve that.

How will the recording and production happen? Will you work in Alan's studio or else?
These details are not confirmed yet although we are hoping to record it in Santa Barbara. All current arrangements we've made regarding the album are subject to whether we raise the funds or not, so, at this point, we mainly focus on making our kickstarter campaign work.

Other details regarding the album (collaborations, featuring artists, etc)
Again still in negotiation. We have a few artists who we would definitely love to work with but we don't want to curse it by saying their names.

Why did you choose to use Kickstarter for this project?
We really like the business model of Kickstarter. Its a direct relationship between us as a band and the people who want to hear our music.

You are reaching for $60.000, a sighificant amount of money for crowd-funded campaings (and for label-funded music, too). What are the biggest bills you have to pay for this new album?
The biggest bill will be the studio itself.

In the unlikely event that you don't end up with the wanted $60.000, what will become of your new album?
The band entered a suicide pact in the event that we don't raise all the money. Although we insist there is no pressure to sponsor us.

Is/was there any interest from music labels for the new album? Has the name of Alan Parsons affected this aspect?
We have not gone down this road yet. We are going to hope the Kickstarter thing works out.

Are there any plans for working with Alan Parsons in other ways, like a live show?
Lets see what happens with the album first. One step at a time.

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