KIA Dubstep Contest Euro 2012: win a trip to the EURO 2012 and a KIA Picanto!

EURO 2012 is on everybody's mind. It's the main attaction of this summer and not just for football lovers. EURO 2012 is a huge festival where you get to watch the best European footballers perform at top level, representing their counties. But what makes it more special, is that you get to witness the fans and their celebrations, the festivities around the hosting cities and the party atmosphere that is everywhere around you.

KIA has created a competition that screams "paaaaaartttttyyyy" and "EURO 2012". If you are into dubstep - like everyone is these days, you can win an incredible gift.

KIA is giving you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: If you can dance to dubstep, go ahead and show it to the world. Make your own video, dancing to the huge tune of DJ Flux Pavilion "I Can't Stop" and upload it (until May 13th) on the KIA Dubstep Contest facebook page. and you might be the lucky winner who gets to win a trip to the EURO 2012 and a chance to win the New KIA Picanto!

So, dance away and maybe you'll get to be in the EURO 2012! Football and dubstep, it cannot get any better, can it?

Enter the competition now!

Kia Dubstep Competition

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Viral video by ebuzzing

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