Interview: Smoove & Turell

Newcastle United has been outstanding this season. Tell me how you've experienced it (favorite players, etc).

I don't follow football at all but Turrell does as he's a massive NUFC fan but he's not here right now, i think he's digging a huge hole in his garden…I'm not sure why?

Newcastle is the home of Dire Straits, The Animals, Lindisfarne, Lighthouse Family, Neil Tennant. How is the Newcastle music scene these days?

Its always been a very vibrant city full of creative people and its nice to be associated with the north east as our roots are firmly seeded here. there is plenty of good bands from here that are doing really well too many to mention so i won't, but they all know who they are!

You've come a long way since your breakthrough back in 2009. What have been the most memorable stops in this 3 year ride?

Yeah its been one hell of a ride we released 2 albums , made a few videos , got play listed 2 times on BBC Radio 2, performed live at Glastonbury and Big Chill festivals and toured the globe with the full band, oh and we also performed live on BBC Radio 2,3,4,5 & 6!!!

"Beggarman" is about the credit crunch and how it's affected Newcastle. How do you feel about the whole ecomonic situtation in Europe these last couple of years.

Everyone is in this together so we are all feeling it in some shape or form but Beggarman was written in a positive way as its always nice to come together when times are bad and have a good old knees up, after all theres nothing like a good hangover to blur ones troubles!

Any news on the third album of Smoove & Turell?

we just began writing an EP its sounding great ,its got a funk and soul vibe with a touch of northern soul iv just upgraded my studio too so the sound is getting bigger and better!

You are both always busy with other projects. Come on, spill the news about your latest stuff.

I've heard Turell has been working with Lisa Stansfield, is that so?

We are both busy on different projects I am currently remixing allot iv recently just remixed the band Third Degree - a track which is a cover of Kylie Minogue song- can't get you out of my head, which is getting allot of airplay on bbc6 music craig charles show and its not even released yet. I'm also planning to release an album of remixes very soon as i have completed over 40 so far.

John has collaborated with many producers such as Kraak and Smaak, Ashley Beedle, Dr Rubberfunk, Fab Samperi, etc and has recently been recording with the fantasy funk band alongside Beverly Knight, Lisa Stansfield ,James Taylor and Snowboy to name a few.

Johns also got a solo project on the go right now with Nick Faber...watch this space!

Smoove, you are always so spot on with the samples. And you're a dj since forever. So, the big question: how big is your record collection? Do you prefer vinyl or cd or mp3? What kind of music do you collect?

Yeah its got to be vinyl ! I use it in my dj sets too iv got over 20,000 records in my home studio which makes great soundproofing and it is full of inspiration spanning many decades including lots of genres . if I'm away doing a gig i always try and seek out a record shop to go digging ,I'm really addicted as i get a buzz looking for obscure samples!

What have you been listening to in 2012?

Iv been checking allot of lesser known disco recently and also revisiting stuff like Chic (we are supporting them soon!) I'm loving DJ Formats new album too its really smart its full of hip hop, psyche and b boy styles ! I'm also feeling Quakers which is another hip hop album produced by Katalyst and Geoff Barrow oh and The Funk League album too produced by Large Professor...wow thats allot of hip hop isn't it hahaha!

I can't say for sure what john has been listening to as he likes very different music from me but thats a good thing, however Iv just done a new summer mix tape which i left in Johns car so he's probably been listening to that !you hear it on...


Smoove, you also run your own label. How is this part of your work? Do you see any good signs for the future of music business, after the "dreadful 00s"?

Selling vinyl now is very very underground its become like 300 max each run and thats worldwide but its very important to release on wax as its become an art within art itself. digital sales are slightly up which is cool but i get the feeling its djs who are buying not the general public? I'm very positive all the same i just love being involved in the music industry on so many levels.

You have been touring extensively all around Europe, lots of festivals and club shows. Which have been the most memorable and why?

When we played live in Brussels and the the crowd was singing all the words to slowdown! The last 15 shows we have performed at have all sold out! our home gig at the Sage gateshead was really special to us and we recently played a charity gig at Hoochie Coochie in Newcastle in aid of help for heroes, raising just over £2,000.

You visited Athens last year for a show. How was that? How did you like Athens?

We love Greece its a great place to visit the food is amazing and they really know how to party! we really looking forward to returning and performing!

What should be expect from your show in Thessaloniki this May 18th?

we will be bringing crates of records full of disco funk soul and hip hop blending it all together in an eclectic manner as we tend to freestyle allot during sets, improvising as we go to keep the audience and ourselves on our feet!

Smoove & Turell will do a DJ/live PA set this May 18th in Thessaloniki at W Club

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